Lessons Learned – Day 1

One of my strategies to remain accountable is to write about the Daily Online Lessons I have learned each day.  Hopefully, the information I share will also support and assist others with their own online endeavours.  I really enjoy accessing a broad range of programmes. Primarily to gain more information and knowledge on a broad range of tips and strategies to implement in my online business endeavours.  As a collector I have gathered too many resources which simply sit on my external hard disc shelf.  Hence, I think it is about time, I dusted some of these resources off the shelf.  I intend to check out whether the information remains current for 2017 - 2018 and put myself consistently into the Doer category.

Hence, here is what I have learned on Day On

Google Classroom

Until yesterday I had not heard of Google Classroom.  I found out about this absolutely free resource from an online business entrepreneur who literally makes his living online and supporting his family of 4.  Wow - what a resource is all I can say.  So what is Google classroom.  Basically in a nutshell this is Google's answer to Udemy Online Courses.   The best aspect it is free.  All you require is a GMail account in order to log in. Online entrepreneurs can use Google Classroom to upload their courses, including text, video, audio so members who purchase their course can access the course information in a very highly structured way.  One aspect to bear in mind when setting up your course content in Google Classroom is Google lists the chapters in alphabetical order.  Hence it is best to number your chapters so they can be accessed in the correct chapter sequence.

If you want to include video.  What I will do is include a short video on how to sign up for and start using Google Classroom for your courses, whether they be free or paid courses.  What I am about is ensuring not only I understand the steps involved but also for my readers.

Thank you in advance for reviewing this post and please stay tuned as I write further posts about my journey of creating a sustainable online business.

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