Starting Afresh!

Starting Afresh with Online BusinessesWhilst one can never go back to square one, it is possible and highly doable to create a fresh start which will support and assist one taking the next exciting steps on one's journey of discovery.  Hopefully breathing new life, fresh motivation to propel one forward.  This is what I have decided this website is all about.  Why?

Because after pottering online for quite a number of years now, I have taken some varied and many pathways and whilst I have learnt heaps along the way, I've found I am nowhere near my aim of creating a sustainable income online than when I first started.  Why is this? Because of a number of personal and other variables. The saying is there are 3 types of people who want to create a sustainable online business, these being:

  • The newbie who knows absolute zilch.  Wide eyed, keen and eager and raring to go.  All to soon the stardust falls from their eyes and they realise that internet land is full of wannabes, downright scam artists and so called gurus or experts who don't give a rats toss for the newbie and their hopes and dreams.
  • The collector who is a bit wiser in many respects, however still has the beating heart of a newbie.  Maybe this product I buy will be the one that sees me make it online.  They have the beating heart of a newbie in many respects however, having to put in the effort comes at a price that the collector is not willing to pay.  They can even continue to inform themselves:  "I'm checking the the latest trends of internet land.  I'm wanting to work smarter rather than harder".  All the while continually being sucked in with the next bright shiny object.
  • The doer who can be both a newbie and/or a collector.  They want value for money and are willing to put in the hard yards, regardless of what it takes - personally, professionally and financially.  They are the action takers.  However can see themselves taking action is fits and spurts.  The genuine doer gives all they have to give.  Continue regardless of the obstacles and ensure they not only value their time but also are prepared to take however much time is necessary.

The Action TakerNow for me, I've been all 3 at various stages of my journey.  I have come to realise I'm more of a collector than anything else.  I love checking out the latest products and trends.  I love checking out a broad range of free and paid resources.  For my efforts over the years I sure have collected a broad range of tips and strategies, products and services, resources - both free and paid.  What is really odd for me is in my personal life I am anything but a collector.  Sure I have surrounded myself with objects I enjoy and which are visually pleasing to me.  However I am far from being a hoarder or a collector.  Yet when it comes to internet land I'm a collector and hoarder of the first order.  I have external drives full of various resources and e-books on the supposed latest whiz bang strategy.  I have a web browser bookmarks of various membership sites, online resources and you name it.  So much so, I could literally create an online museum of all that I have collected over the years.

So I have decided to start afresh and hopefully will incorporate a broad range of tips and strategies I have learnt along the way.  I aim to stay focused and simply implement stuff one day at a time.  As the saying goes: it was the tortoise who won the race. By putting one foot after the other.  By maintaining a steady pace rather than racing through stuff and running out of puff halfway through.  Hence, whilst it appears I have been the tortoise for years, in many respects I have been the hare.  I have started out of the starting blocks full pelt and going for it. Only to find I have run out of puff to continue.  So then I lay down tools only to restart out of the starting blocks with another whiz bang product promising the earth to only repeat the process.

It's Okay to be the TortoiseI do so love all this internet stuff and yes, I sure do know and have found that I'm a sucker for various types of sales pages.  Will this stop being so?  Probably not.  However, I do feel that writing this blog will support me to maintain focus, by sharing my journey with others.  Hopefully others will want to share their journeys with me and we can really create a space that is open, honest and a very safe space for people to share their hopes and dreams.  To share what they've realised they are a sucker for and how they keep the sucker bets at bay so they don't waste their hard earned $$$.

So let's start afresh together and share along the way.   Let us walk a pathway together that many have trod however few have realised their hopes and dreams and bring out hopes and dreams to reality.  The first question to ask yourself:  are you a newbie?  Are you a collector?  Are you a doer?  Or are you a combination of more than one of these three?

To our continued success.

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